Colours boutique readymade garments

About the shop

Colours Boutique Every garment that one wears, carries with it a story, a story of conception, design and creation. However, at Fashion Era, the garments have more elements to their story - those of quality, technology and perfection. We bring together an unmatched richness and artistic excellence, combined with creative usage of local embellishments and contemporary prints. We take utmost care to ensure consistent high quality merchandises and regularly creates new patterns and accepts buyer's specifications.
We are aware of the latest fashion trends and changes in the fashion market and purchase is done according to the style that is in vogue. A range that spell style. Keeping you ahead of others the collection is a chic medium that expresses personal style. As we target the price conscious customer our price remains affordable for customer. Our every step will make sure that customer gets the complete benefit of what they spend.