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The V-KOOL Spectrally Selective Technology was built upon research from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the 1970s, when it started out humbly as a transparent energy conservation film.
A significant breakthrough in Surface and Particle Science later led to the development of this V-KOOL’s patented and proprietary technology and subsequently the spectrally selective coatings.
Being the world’s first and only spectrally selective window coating that provides virtually transparent protective barrier against the sun’s heat and radiation for automotive and architectural applications, V-KOOL stormed the window film industry.
In 1999, it was voted by the world largest Science and Technology Magazine, Popular Science, as one of the Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium, alongside other inventions such as computer, canned food, the Internet, air-conditioning system and telephone, marking international recognition of the product.
This revolutionary technology has also previously been adapted for aerospace and military use when it was applied on the US Air Force Stealth Bomber.
Unlike conventional solar control materials which absorbs and re-radiate heat, V-KOOL combines high performance solar control with high visible light transmission.
Our “intelligent” window coatings allows over 70% light transmission, and blocks out 94% and 99% infra-red and ultra-violet rays respectively, without impeding clarity and visibility, day or night.
Ultimately it allows us to make glass that is no more than 1” thick, yet having the insulation of a wall 6” thick.
As the world’s top performing and leading window films and solutions provider, V-KOOL has been satisfying customers over the world.
V-KOOL’s Spectrally Selective range of window films are used by top car manufacturers as an OEM standard. Not only that, we have the only films with unrivaled performance and unprecedented acceptance worldwide.
Over 22 million cars have tapped the benefits of the V-KOOL technology to keep their interiors cooler ever since 1996.