Al Jaber Exchange

About the shop

Al Jaber Exchange empowers businesses and individuals with a fast, reliable, and streamlined services for currency exchange, money transfers and payments. We strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity within our community and industry. Our policies and procedures are customized to provide excellent customer services, ensure career opportunities to our employees and continuous support to our society.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred Exchange House and an eminent entity in the United Arab Emirates

Our Services

- Foreign Exchange

- Bank Remittance

- Instant Money Transfer

- Credit Card Payment

- Wages Protection System (WPS)

- Mobile Exchange and ATMs

- Mobile Remittance Counters

- Mobile ATMs for Salary Withdrawal 

- Account Opening Facilities

- Mobile Recharge

Key Features

- The first BIOMETRIC ATM Machine in UAE Financial Market

- AJEX ATM operates in 4 different languages; English, Hindi, Urdu and Tagalog

- Operates on both finger scan (for high level security purpose) and PIN

- Facility to print salary receipt and review salary details for previous 3 months