Barqi Enterprises

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    First Floor
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    P.O. Box - 8809 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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    Cash and Credit Card
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    Kiosk - Perfumes / Oud
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    Weekdays(Mon to Thu): 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Weekends(Fri to Sun): 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM

About the shop

Ajmal takes great pride in the fact that, till date, all its fragrances have been conceived, created, developed and manufactured in-house. Even raw materials sourced for various perfumes that are manufactured are sourced only from internationally renowned suppliers that are known for their high quality and standards. These include H&R, IFF, Dragoco, Drom, V Mane Fils (VMF) among others. Similarly, with a view of ensuring that the packaging of its fragrances is as per international standards, Ajmal Perfumes sources glass bottles from several internationally renowned manufacturers, such as Brosse, NVM, Heinz Glass, Bormioli, etc. After the idea of a perfume is conceived it is first tested by a ‘consumer panel’, which consists of a sampling of the target segment.Using highly advanced quality control equipment, the chief perfumer then ensures that the quality of the blends conform to internationally recognized standards or those set by regional bodies such as GMSO and country-specific organizations such as SASO.