Silver Corner

About the shop

For over 15 years reputation as a reliable silver jewelry and gift items retailer, we continue to serve our customers and provide the superior service & quality.

Silver corner maintains the highest quality in material, service support and the commitment for all our customers. We provide total services in silver jewelry including engraving through marketing.

Our organization is streamlined and efficient, with little reliance on outside procurement to fulfill our customer's requests we're enabled to regulate all forms of variable costs and pass on these savings to you.

Our sales team is highly trained and motivated to attend to your every inquiry. We believe in individualized and personal service and are prepared to stand behind this statement with every interaction we engage in. If something is not to your liking, then we won't stop until you are completely satisfied.

Silver corner is committed to international standards of quality, reliability, and customer services. Every piece of our product is carefully selected, and purchased to meet the highest standards of industry quality control and the customer expectation at the competitive pricing.
At Silver corner, we monitor every thing start from sales of products, packing, delivery, and after sales services.
All pieces in our outlets are crafted by experience skilled craftsmanship.

Upon purchasing the items, each piece is individually inspected for possible defect in workmanship and material. Only after the final inspection the item is released for sales to our customers.

All products sold by Silver corner is guaranteed for quality and workmanship.

Silver corner's success has been largely based on its decision to evolve and remain abreast of changing times, tastes, fashion and Habits. Each individual silver jewelry piece testifies to the care, skill and attention that some of the world's finest craftsman have devoted to each phase of its creation. Each jewel or decor piece is finally subjected to stringent quality control measures down to the smallest detail to ensure conformity with traditional quality.

In addition to customer requested designs, our in-house staff has developed a selection of designs from which to choose. Our branded and unbranded silver jewelry and decor products are sold all over United Arab Emirates. Silver corner is actively involved with our customers to provide them with the leading edge of market trends. We have developed a "pretnership" relationship with our customers providing them with selections of new and innovative styling coupled with the latest new stone opportunities. We are pleased to get together with our customer feed bock to purchase new products that are tailored to their individual requirements and customers needs. Silver corner offers exclusive design and the highest standards of quality & competitive pricing.

This has developed and sustained extraordinary customer loyalty and an exemplary reputation in the Silver retail business. Silver corner TRADING has variety of silver jewelry targeted at every level of customer purchasing.

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